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Intertorg LLC has a rich and colorful history of almost 40 years. Founded in Los Angeles in 1972 by Tamara Kerim and Frank Sanderson, our idea and goal was to provide a bridge between American manufacturers and customers in Eastern Europe, primarily in the former Soviet Union. At that time, very few American companies ventured into this uncharted and unknown territory. Intertorg has become a link and support base for many American companies, from giants like Alcoa, US Steel, and General Motors, to many medium size and smaller companies, like Camco, Rotec, Dresser Industries, Polyken Technologies, Pako Corporation, Lovat Inc, and many others. Intertorg has helped manufacturers sign dozens of contracts, assisted numerous Western companies in finding their place in the Russian market, and helped many Russian customers find, procure, and use state of the art equipment.