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Intertorg offers two types of services: We can be a full-scale dealer for a manufacturer, buy to our own account, stock parts, and provide service. And we can act as a classic manufacturer’s agent, assisting in promoting and selling equipment. Intertorg is not a trader. We develop business, promote and sell equipment, and support what we have sold.


Sometimes, Intertorg creates demand for equipment by educating customers about what is available, and introducing them to new technology. We help people look at what they are doing from a new angle, helping people understand what they need, get what they want, and solve their problems. We specialize in a narrow field, but our impact is quite noticeable.


After working in many industries, we have narrowed down our sphere of expertise. Nowadays Intertorg specializes in sales and support of underground construction equipment made in North America and Europe. We sell this equipment in Russia and other countries formally of the Soviet Union.The companies we represent are among the world's leaders in their fields. The equipment that our customers buy from us help them develop better infrastructure for people: building new metro lines, improving sewerage, putting in water pipes, cables for telecommunications, and pipe lines for oil and gas. We have developed and are enjoying an excellent reputation in the market.


Intertorg is perceived by both our suppliers and our customers as a professional, honest, reliable, serious, and conservative company. This is the image that we plan to keep and maintain.